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Arrow Hammer

Arrow Master Would like to Introduce the new Arrow Hammer Model

  • Drive modes (Hammer, Travel (low and high)
  • 2. SL Cummins turbo diesel 74hp (No def)
  • Industrial super single drive tires
  • Industrial steer tires
  • Electronic park brake
  • Fuel saver mode
  • Operators forward seating
  • Integrated switch panel

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New heavy duty frame 􀀁 7" LCD digital display

  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Four-way auto stroke option -Auto stroke standard
  • Electronic valve controls (Manual backup) New hammer valve (Smoother lifts to extend cable life.)
  • New grammar s•ivcl suspension seat
  • Fully powder coated redesigned high strength steel frame

The 1450H is a machine that will diagnose itself

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  • Integrated Fault page:Accessible with just the push of a button
  • The engine display page will show any
    codes from Cummins
  • Also shows Engine load and all engine vitalsCritical engine override will only detune your engine but allow it to stay running if anything major should happen.




Why choose Arrow Hammer?

  • The Arrow Hammer is a self-contained machine that's purpose built to withstand the harshest abuse that comes from breaking concrete,Wheeled machine that travels 20mph,
  • Towable with a pickup- weighs under 10,000
  • Skid loaders do not stand up to abuse of a jackhammer and become time consuming with thick concrete
  • Jackhammers for excavators are extremely expensive and wear the machine out They are slow and cumbersome to move across the job sites,


Production Rates:
4"- 8,100-11,700 6" - 5,400- 7,200 8" - 4,050- 4,950 1 O" - 3, 150‚ 4,500 12" - 1,350- 2,700 20" - 430-550

4 Way Auto Stroke Option
The electric auto stroke feature found on some 1250s and 1350s was just the hammer raised and dropped from a specifIC height, then repeated the process, An operator was required to move the lead between each hit. along with moving the machine back for each row.

We changed all that!

With a push of one button the 1450 will rev up and start its auto cycle. The machine will hammer·slide over· hammer and repeat until it reaches the other side. The machine will then back up and repeat the process until turned off it will then return to idle.

"AU features are adjustable with push of a button and the turn of a knob. It will come preprogrammed with a factory setting to get started.

Scoring couldn't get an easier; Just tum the side shift setting to zero and the machine will score In a line forward and reverse to your other settings.

Spend time on efficiency instead of manually operating the machine. This allows the machine to repeatable make the same size pieces. This repeatable process helps make Is MSler wftti time•efficiency



Fifty years since it was introduced, this niche machine keeps producingby Keith Haddock, Contributing Editor Some machine innovations enjoy instant…