Arrow Hammer

New 4-Way Auto Stroke


We have revolutionized breaking concrete with this new automated system that gives the operator full
control, while taking operator stress and fatigue out of the equation. With the push of 1 button the
Arrow Hammer will rev up and begin to hammer in a pattern set by the operator from the user
interface. Adjustable while in operation or stopped the accuracy of this is second to none. This now
allows the operator to become efficient instead of just breaking concrete. Usually determined by the
size of the spoils to pick up, The operator will set a drop height, side shift distance, number of hits, &
distance between rows.

How it Works

If familiar with an existing Arrow Hammer, it did have an auto stroke that would stroke the hammer to
desired height and drop it. The operator had to then side shift and move between rows for every hit.
We automated all of that. The hammer will now pick up and drop, while picking up again, the Arrow
Hammer will side shift to the desired setting & height setting and drop. It will repeat the process until
it reaches the opposite side of the slide. The machine will then backup (or go forward) to the desired
setting. It will repeat the process until turned off. When turned back on it will just continue where it
left off


The accuracy of this system is amazing and one of the biggest advantages is Efficiency. When at
desired settings, the machine will perform time after time with better than ½” accuracy. This allows
the operator to know how many Sq ft per hour they are doing, how long until finished, forecast future
jobs and so much more. The Arrow Hammer will keep track of your current Sq ft per hour progress.
This is displayed on the Auto Cycle screen. When a setting is changed the operator can see how much
of a difference, it makes as far as faster and slower.

Production rates / Data Logging

Included with the Arrow Hammer is a Production page. This will log up to 8 jobs in the auto stroke
feature. Job 1 is default setting. Once in this job you can view the Average Sq/ft per hour and total
Sq/ft of concrete hammered while the auto stroke feature was on. This allows owner/operators to go
back in and see what that job actually took, how long it took, and how many Sq/ft the machine
hammered. They can use this to compare to the bid/allowance, estimated time, or any difference in
operators. It can be used to bid future jobs to save you money. It also keeps a machines total Sq/ft
logged on the production page.