Arrow Hammer

Redesigned From The Ground Up


We kept all the effective parts of an Arrow Hammer and brought all the rest up to date. Being a purpose-built machine we started with a brand new frame made from high-strength steel with a bolt-together
the design which helps with vibration and stress that this machine endures. We used 5/8 grade 9 flange
head bolts and nuts engineered many times over!!

New Engine and Drive Train

With emissions being important we went with a Cummins turbo diesel. It meets all the new emissions
requirements and is very fuel-efficient. We coupled this engine with a Hydrostat transmission and a
double pump. All are designed and engineered to work together. A forward and reverse pedal is all you
need with our 3 modes of travel via push button.

New Hammer valve

We upgraded to a modern PPG sectional valve to run all of our components. It is custom-designed with weeks of trial and testing. Every circuit is custom-designed for flow and pressures per our needs. This valve is run electronically with the ability to run it manually if required. We relocated the valve from our previous models to the side of the machine for easy service or cleaning. We protected it with a 10 gauge steel cover that can easily be removed with two rubber straps.

Lift cylinder

The lift cylinder was reigned to match our new valve and pumps. We went with a smaller bore and a bigger rod. This will make a tougher cylinder with keeping our cycle times the same or better than our previous model. We let the block and tackle self-center itself and encased the cylinder with guards. We put hand turn knobs on all the guards so if you need to change a cable you do not need a wrench to
remove the guards.

Operators station

This was a big change, we moved the operator ahead 8 inches and moved all the controls to the right
side. We added a swivel suspension seat, tilt steering wheel, and forward and reverse pedals. This
allowed the operator to look beyond their feet to see what they are hammering and how the progress is
going. We added a 7” “user interface” screen. This has all your gauges and information. It is also where
the settings of the machine are controlled.

7” Display (User interface)

This display comes with a sun visor and is Ip67 rated. This is where an operator monitors gauges, service
intervals, fault codes and more. Pages include “Home” (instrument cluster) “Auto cycle” “calibration”
“Fault” “Engine” “Production” and Trac lock feature. The user interface is push button operated for
reliability, and ease of use even with gloves on. The display can be removed for long time storage or
seasonal use.


Our axles are built from scratch in our facility. The Front axle is made from high strength steel, purpose
built to accept our hydraulic components. Coupled with massive Fairfield torque hubs to drive the 15.5
inch wide industrial tires. Danfoss drive motors rated at 5000 psi and a traction lock to couple the
wheels together makes this front axle exactly what this machine deserves, to not only hold up for
decades but to be trend setting industry standards. The rear axle is also built from scratch in our facility
rated at 7000 pounds it is more than double what would be required for our application. Steering is
accomplished by twin cylinders, machined bushings and greaseable pins, and a custom tie rod to give a
no sway solid feel even at high speeds. The rear wheels tip up to 8 degrees for a tight turning radius and
nonskid on asphalt or gravel.

Hose and Cable Track System

This is a custom-made track system with a worldwide resume, hundreds of thousands of cycles are
nothing for this system. We designed it to hold all of our hoses up and out of the way for a clear operator’s view. It folds up nicely when storing the mast.