Arrow Hammer

Cab Model


The cab was completely redesigned to fit the new models body design, operator forward seating, and
see through design.

Custom Fit

The cab was made on our 3d modeling software using the base model as a template. This assured us that the cab would fit right making a nice seal all the way around. This gives the look and seal that people should see in a custom-fit cab. It offers a better experience for the operator.

Field of view

The Arrow Hammer has very large windows made with green tint and safety glass. The tint keeps the suns glare to a minimum, and the large windows make it effortless to see what you’re working
on. It also has a vertical sliding window for fresh air or communicating with colleagues. We even installed a sunroof to see the top of the mast.

Heat and AC

Our cab is integrated with heat and AC in a single unit mounted on the side council. It has 4 vents that can be aimed at the operator and windows for defrosting. The panel-mounted switches allow the
operator to select air conditioning, temperature control, and fan speed. The system comes with a washable in-cabin air filter to keep the cab nice and clean. Whether it is 100 degrees or 20 below zero
this cab will keep you comfortable with just the turn of a switch.

Bolt together design

An innovative design that uses individual bolt-on panels is a step up from previous cabs. This cab requires no welding. Bolting the cab together has many advantages such as no warping from welding, better alignment of panels, 100% powder coat coverage, a great finish look with the button head screws, and serrated flange nuts. Each panel is individually sealed to the next completing an airtight comfortable experience. If any damage were to occur to the cab, you can purchase just that panel and replace it with no special tools. It doesn’t require body work or paint or cab replacement to keep your machine looking
as good as new.

Heavy duty door and hinges

We matched our cab with a bolt-together door, but don’t think that makes it weak or flimsy. With 40 pounds of steel framework, custom fit gussets bolted together with 5/16” button head screws, this door service life will far exceed anything ever required. The hinges are designed and built from scratch in our facility. Made with 3/8” thick steel paired with ¾” 1144 stress proof shaft they are beyond
what would be required for any door hinge. The receiving piece is also made from 3/8” steel and precision machined bushing. The bushing is machined from a solid shaft leaving one end closed. When
the grease zerk is added and greased, the grease can only go 1 way, the way you need it. All these features are second to none, giving the door opening experience a smooth, solid, and dependable feeling.