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Arrow Hammer: Advanced Concrete Breaking Equipment in Brooten, MN

Arrow Hammer Master

Premium Cummins Diesel Engine – A Benchmark in Construction Equipment

The Arrow Hammer,  a standout among Brooten construction suppliers, redefines efficiency in concrete breaking with its Cummins diesel engine. Delivering a robust 74 hp with a 2.8l intercooler, turbocharged diesel, this engine exemplifies the pinnacle of high-quality concrete breakers. Its tier 4 final emissions compliance not only demonstrates our commitment to eco-friendly construction practices but also positions as a leader in fuel-efficient construction tools. Ideal for demanding construction sites, it combines power with environmental responsibility, setting new standards in the industry.

Hydrostatic Transmission for Dynamic Control

Equipped with a state-of-the-art hydrostatic transmission featuring dynamic braking, the Arrow Hammer emerges as a top-tier choice in the realm of durable construction equipment in Minnesota. Its innovative design, integrating independent foot pedals for precise forward and reverse motions, exemplifies the advanced engineering of high-quality concrete breakers. This intuitive control system ensures the Arrow Hammer meets the needs of construction professionals seeking efficient, reliable, and user-friendly professional-grade demolition equipment.

Creep Mode for Precision Hammering

Specifically engineered for intricate operations, the Creep Mode in the Arrow Hammer is a game-changer for maneuvering in confined spaces. This mode’s delicate control is crucial for heavy-duty concrete-breaking equipment, particularly when precision is paramount. It underscores our commitment to providing top-notch industrial concrete breakers that cater to meticulous demolition requirements.

Low (Travel) Mode for Versatile Use

Featuring an automotive-style control, the Low (Travel) Mode is designed for versatility, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrains. This adaptability highlights the Arrow Hammer’s standing as a reliable and efficient tool among construction site demolition tools, offering unparalleled ease of use and control in a variety of operational contexts.

High (Travel) Mode for Efficient Transit

The High (Travel) Mode of the Arrow Hammer is tailored for rapid transit between job sites, offering high speed and agility. This mode reflects the demands of professionals who rely on premium demolition tools for quick, efficient movement. It’s a testament to the 1450’s design, catering to the fast-paced requirements of modern construction environments, where time and efficiency are of the essence.

Safety and Versatility with the Arrow Hammer

The Arrow Hammer features an innovative dynamic braking system, setting a new standard for safety in industrial concrete breakers. This system provides precise stopping power, crucial for high-performance demolition equipment in Brooten, MN. Additionally, the 1450’s traction lock feature enhances stability and control on uneven terrain, making it ideal for Minnesota’s challenging construction sites. These features position the 1450 as a leader in the concrete demolition tools market, offering reliability and adaptability for demanding construction tasks.

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