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Onboard LTE Telematics: Standard Equipment Revolutionizing Construction Equipment Management


Arrow Hammer Master – Remote LTE Diagnostics and Support

The latest innovation in the Arrow Hammer 1450H is the inclusion of Onboard LTE Telematics as standard equipment, a significant leap forward in construction equipment technology. For any operational issues or software updates, the LTE service tool is a game-changer. This tool, easily connected to the machine’s wire harness, grants our technicians full system access. They can monitor live data, record crucial information, perform software updates, and much more, all remotely. This not only offers peace of mind to owners but also ensures that expert support is just a connection away.

LTE Service Tool: Advanced Diagnostics and Upgrades

The LTE service tool itself is a valuable asset, providing a new level of diagnostic capabilities. However, the true potential of LTE telematics extends far beyond this. With LTE-enabled machines, manual service tool dispatch becomes a thing of the past. A simple serial number allows our technicians to log onto the machine remotely, streamlining the support process remarkably.

User-centric telematics for Enhanced Machine Management

This LTE telematics feature opens up a world of possibilities for owners and operators. Imagine being able to log into your account from anywhere globally and monitor your machine’s status in real-time. Access vital information like location, engine hours, service intervals, engine parameters, fuel consumption, and efficiency metrics like square feet per hour of concrete broken. This degree of control and insight is unparalleled in the industry.

Setting New Industry Standards

This innovative feature positions Arrow Hammer as a leader and innovator in the construction equipment industry. It’s not just an enhancement; it’s a transformative tool that redefines how construction equipment is managed, monitored, and maintained. Onboard LTE Telematics in the Arrow Hammer 1450H marks a new era of smart, connected, and efficient construction machinery.

Experience the Future of Construction with Arrow Master

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