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Enhanced Control and Flexibility with Arrow Hammer 1450H's Remote LTE Diagnostics

Arrow Hammer Master - Arrow Hammer Master - REMOTE LTE DIAGNOSTICS

Introducing the Arrow Hammer  Remote Control System

The Arrow Hammer 1450H sets a new benchmark in remote-controlled construction machinery with its innovative Arrow Hammer Master Remote LTE Diagnostics. This advanced system is a leap forward in the realm of high-tech construction tools, offering unprecedented control and adaptability for any 1450 model. It redefines the way construction equipment operates, making it a standout choice for professionals in Brooten, MN, and beyond.

User-Centric Design for Enhanced Operational Precision

Experience the ease and precision of controlling the 1450H with its state-of-the-art wireless remote. This user-friendly interface allows operators to maneuver the machine in creep mode with the same accuracy as manual control. It’s perfect for tasks that demand high precision, such as working in close proximity to sensitive structures or navigating through congested construction sites.

Technical Specifications and Advantages

  • Wireless Range and Reliability: The remote system boasts an impressive range, ensuring consistent control even at a distance.
  • Real-Time Diagnostics: Stay informed with real-time updates on machine performance and diagnostics, helping preemptively address maintenance needs.
  • Multi-Functional Control: Beyond basic movement, the remote system enables control over various functions of the 1450H, from engine start-up to specific demolition tasks.

Versatile Applications Across Construction Sites

The Arrow Hammer 1450H with Remote LTE Diagnostics is not just limited to traditional construction sites. It’s also ideal for specialized projects like road construction, urban redevelopment, and large-scale demolition operations. Its versatility makes it an invaluable tool for a wide range of professional contractors looking for reliable and efficient construction equipment.

Safety in High-Risk Environments

Safety is a top priority in construction, and the Arrow Hammer 1450H’s remote system addresses this by enabling operators to maintain a safe distance from high-risk environments. Whether it’s working alongside busy traffic lanes, on unstable terrain, or in densely populated urban areas, this remote control feature significantly reduces the risk of accidents. It not only enhances operational safety but also ensures adherence to stringent safety standards and regulations. By providing a secure operating distance, the 1450H’s remote system offers peace of mind and protection, making it an invaluable asset in any challenging construction scenario.

Explore the Future of Construction with Arrow Master

Embrace the advanced capabilities of the Arrow Hammer 1450H’s Remote LTE Diagnostics. For more information, or to see it in action, contact Arrow Master at (309)752-1341, email us at, or visit our showroom at 850 Hwy 55, Brooten, MN 56316, USA.