Arrow-Master Inc.

Engine & Transmission

Arrow Hammer Master
  • Cummins diesel – Arrow Hammer paired up with Cummins for this new model and it was a great decision. The engine is a 74 hp 2.8l intercooler, turbocharged diesel and is tier 4 final emissions compliant. This engine does not use any DEF in the exhaust system, nor does it require regeneration. It is also very fuel efficient with EFI vs a throttle cable linkage. The engine is very smooth and quiet making it a great experience for the operator.


  • Hydrostatic Transmission – The 1450 comes with hydrostatic transmission with dynamic breaking. An independent forward and reverse foot pedal is all you need to get the machine moving. You have the choice of 3 drive modes via push button selection.


  • Creep mode – This mode is designed to be used while hammering. You will notice the machine automatically selects this mode when the mast is raised as intended to start the hammer. It is operated by the foot pedals and is limited to 4 mph. This mode will require manual use of the throttle to increase speed. This mode is also great for maneuvering around objects or moving around when in tight spaces.


  • Low (Travel) – Low mode is great for a few things such as loading on a trailer, traversing uneven terrain, using traction lock, and warming up the machine on cold days. It is also operated by the foot pedals but requires no throttle control, the engine speed will match the position of the pedal. Sometimes called automotive style, it is similar to driving an automatic vehicle. The farther you push the pedal the faster you will go. This mode will reach speeds of 7 mph.


  • High (Travel) –  High mode is great for high-speed travel down the road to or in between job sites. With a top speed of 20 mph, it is quick and nimble up to and around the job. It is operated by the foot pedals and is an automotive-style control. (See low) Match this with the cruise control feature and it makes driving the machine effortless, and actually fun to drive.


  • Dynamic breaking – The 1450 does not have a foot-operated brake. The desired braking is achieved by letting off the foot pedal. If fast braking is required simply take your foot off the pedal and the machine will stop quickly, for a slow deceleration, slowly let the pedal come back up to a neutral state. The machine has a push-button electronic park brake that is to be used when stopped or in an emergency only. It is also seat switch operated so when you leave the machine it is engaged.


  • Traction Lock (Diff lock) –  The 1450 is independent front wheel drive during normal operating scenarios. If needed, traction lock can be applied and will turn both front wheels at the same rate of speed. This is very nice for trailer loading, operation on loose or uneven terrain, and in wet conditions. It is applied by a button on the 7” user interface home screen. Note, this feature is only available in the creep and low travel modes The Traction lock will automatically turn off in 45 seconds. This prevents damage to components that may receive extra stress while using the traction lock. It is recommended that it is not be used in tight turning situations or on pavement of any kind.