Arrow-Master Inc.

New in 2023, Onboard LTE Telematics are included as standard equipment

If for any reason you are still having problems with your machine or we have a software update that you may want, we have an LTE service tool that we can send to you. It’s as simple as plugging into our wire harness with the dedicated plug and turning the ignition key to run and our technicians here will have full access to the system. They can watch live data, record data, update software, and a whole lot more. This tool gives a piece of mind to any owner that we have your back and are able to help.
The LTE service tool is very valuable by itself, but we have not unleashed the true capabilities of what LTE telematics can do. With this device installed on new machines from the factory, we will not have to send a service tool if you need any additional help. It is as simple as a serial number and the machine can be logged on by our technicians. It doesn’t get much easier than that. But it opens a whole new world for owners and operators. With this feature, an end user will be able to log into their account from anywhere in the world and see what their machine is doing. You will have access to such things as location, engine hours, service intervals, engine parameters, fuel consumption, sq/ft per hour concrete broken, the possibilities are almost endless. This is a game changer that will set Arrow Hammer as an innovator and an example for the construction equipment industry.