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Arrow Hammer

With 60 + years of equipment in the field, we knew the Arrow Hammer was very effective at breaking concrete. To keep this legacy growing it needed some modern upgrades.

We kept all the great features of the Arrow Hammer like the weight, mast, and tools while the rest got redesigned with modern features including LTE Diagnostics, a Remote Control Option, a new 4-Way Auto Stroke, and much more.

The Arrow Hammer is a self-contained machine that’s purpose built to withstand the harshest abuse that comes from breaking concrete,Wheeled machine that travels 20mph, Towable with a pickup- weighs under 10,000 Skid loaders do not stand up to the abuse of a jackhammer and become time-consuming with thick concrete Jackhammers for excavators are extremely expensive and wear the machine out They are slow and cumbersome to move across the job sites,

Production Rates:

4″- 8,100-11,700 6″ – 5,400- 7,200 8″ – 4,050- 4,950 1 O” – 3, 150‚ 4,500 12″ – 1,350- 2,700 20″ – 430-550

Arrow Hammer Master - Redesigned from the Ground Up


  • New Engine and Drive Train
  • New Hammer Valve
  • Lift Cylinder
  • Operators Station
Arrow Hammer Master - NEW 4-WAY AUTO STROKE


  • Revolutionized Concrete-Breaking Capabilities
  • Breaks Concrete with the Push of a Button
  • Operator Can Set Drop Height, Side-Shift Distance, Number of Hits
  • Distance Between Rows
Arrow Hammer Master - CAB MODEL


  • Custom Fit
  • Field of View
  • Heat and A/C
  • Bolt-Together Design
Arrow Hammer Master -NON-CAB OPEN STATION


  • Certified ROPS
  • Stay in the Shade with Visibility
  • 7” User Interface with Sun Visor


  • Modern Technology – No Code Numbers
  • LTE Service Tool
  • Better LTE Telematics Coming Soon
Arrow Hammer Master - Arrow Hammer Master - REMOTE LTE DIAGNOSTICS


  • Coming Soon on Any 1450 Model
  • Drive the Machine in Creep Mode
  • Control All Features and Settings with Remote
Arrow Hammer Master


  • Cummins Diesel
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Creep Mode, Low Mode, High Mode
  • Dynamic Breaking
  • Traction Lock

Are You In Need Of Any Parts?

Used Inventory:
Refurbished 2005 Arrow Hammer 1350

Refurbished 2005 Arrow Hammer 1350

This machine has 1239 hours on it. It has a cab with heat and defrosts. We can add an A/C system if you desire. It was used for light duty and kept in good condition.

* For Rental Information, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Used Inventory:
2008 s/n 7009.

Refurbished 2008 Arrow Hammer 1350

2008, Mechanically refurbished machine. This machine has 750 hours on it. It has a cab with heat and defrosts. We can add an A/C system if you desire This machine was gone through top to bottom, and we replaced anything that needed it with new.

* For Rental Information, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Arrow Hammer is rated to 20 inches of concrete but will do more if necessary.

The Arrow Hammer is rated up to 11,700 Sq ft hr with 4” of concrete and up to 5000 sq ft at 8” thick.

It is much faster than a jack hammer whether its on a skid loader or excavator.  It is a purpose-built machine designed to break concrete.  Other products are just attachments on another machine that most of the time is not built to handle the abuse of breaking concrete.

Yes it weights 10,000 pounds and can be hauled with most ¾ and 1 ton pickups rated for that weight.

20 MPH with cruise control.

There is almost 20 different tools choose from.  There is a correct tool for every job.

Yes, there is a purpose-built tool for it, the new model has a feature built in it just for this occasion.

26 Gal, more than enough to run a full workday.  The new Cummins Diesel is very fuel efficient.

74 horsepower from a 2.8 l Cummins diesel engine.  It requires NO DEF, and does not need to regen.

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